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SC PRETTYCAR Mobile SRL is present in the automotive market since 1991, currently having rich experience and activity in the field, with a staff of 28 employees and service equipped to current standards, reaching more than 15 types of machinery and over 32 officially licensed designs RAR cls. I.


The service currently has separate water-based paint for cars, stand water-based paints mixed SPIESHECKER, MIPA, voices, digital painting guns SATA and SATA 3000 2000 HVPL HVPL date; It also has identification plates for accurate color with a degree of error of less than 1%.


In the body repair service there is a recovery bench, ruler accurate measurement of body parts, sheet straightener suction cup gun type and a series of cutting-edge accessories. On the finishing side our service staff prides itself able to solve any specific problem.


During 2007-2008 service attack and heavy segment autotractoarelor, trucks, buses and vans Heavy on the bodywork, paint and finishes.


We provide mechanical services and  non-stop tow truck for the cars repaired in our unit within a range of 30 kilometers (auto damages / repairs that exceed 900 RON), painting cars, trucks, truck, trailer , coaches, buses, semitrailers, trailers cold, cimentric, grain trailers, trucks, motorcycles


We offer auto mechanic services:


Change the engine oil leakage

Changing the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and oil filter

Changing brake pads (front or rear axle)

Replacing brake discs

Replacing the water pump

Replacing the clutch

Planetary Replacement

Replacement kit distribution

Exchange hinge

We provide tow:

We provide towing service, auto repair, towing, roadside assistance with autoplatforme performance.

Tow Service platform is available around the clock!

Our staff features are: Courtesy, professionalism and efficiency.

Especially for owners of sports cars or for those who want a custom paint for their car, we have a new product: Dip plastic paint shop. Paint colors and alloy standard, two or three colors or unique combinations.


In 2015-2016 we prepared a new service concept that will revolutionize the market of services for cars and trucks in Bihor.




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Hurgoi George: 0763535555


Appointments and information / technical department:


Hurgoi George: 076065432 1


Address: str. Dosu Station / Corneliu Baba nr. 5 (please see map on website)


Oradea, Bihor