In order to help our customers, we want to offer access to a computer for damages to make their work easier and improve contact between us. Fill in the form, it will send the necessary information on repairs that will be done, and soon you will have an estimated cost of the works and the availability of parts. We offer a wide range of services including:


Change the engine oil leakage

It will change the air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and oil filter

Changing brake pads (front or rear axle)

Replacing brake discs

Replacing the water pump

Replacing the clutch

Planetary Replacement

Replacement kit distribution

Exchange hinge

Besides the mechanics, our service also has some paint and bodywork. And here we have a cost estimate to your confort.


MOBILE PRETTYCAR offers full service Body and paintwork in the service of our modern and very welcoming.

Vehicle and truck coating is made to the highest quality standards.

The service currently has separate water-based paint for cars, stand water-based paints mixed SPIESHECKER, MIPA, voices, digital painting guns SATA and SATA 3000 2000 HVPL HVPL last generation.

It also has to properly identify the color plate with a degree of error of less than 1%.

On the finishing side our service staff prides itself able to solve any specific problem.