ASK your insurer for repair services at SC Prettycar SRL and get discounts for repairs borne by insurance companies or customers for repairs effectuated on behalf of CASCO insurance, whether you insure Casco with or without deductibles.


- To estimate values ​​between 3000 RON 6000 RON VAT - Mobile Prettycar SRL bear half the franchise, but no more than 75 Euro including VAT;


- To estimate values ​​of over 6,000 RON VAT - Mobile Prettycar SRL INTEGRAL support franchise value, but no less than 150 Euro including VAT;


- For customers who have concluded insurance without deductibles Casco and RCA insurance clients Prettycar Mobile Ltd. offers customer 4% of the estimated value paid by insurers as other services (labor and towing). Allowances may or not be financial. 

- FREE TOWING in Oradea and preferential tariffs outside the town provided that repairs to SC Prettycar Mobil SRL.


Prettycar offers spare cars while the car is in service.


According to CSA rules and laws, damage insurance clients with RCA and CASCO customers are entitled to choose the auto workshop in which to carry out repairs and can not be constrained by insurance companies to choose a specific workshop.